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The Krishnamurti Centre

Group staying at the Krisnamurti Centre

"The teachings are important in themselves and interpreters and commentators only distort them. It is advisable to go directly to the source, the teachings themselves, and not through any authority."

J. Krishnamurti

Testimonials from Centre Guests

Pamela Ferchl, UK

As soon as I enter the Centre I am struck again by the sheer space and beauty of the building. I relax knowing the next few days will allow me to leave aside the outside world with it's problems. The quiet and order of the place put my mind at rest and make me feel taken care of and that there is nothing I must do or worry about. I can read peacefully in the library, retire to my room or watch a DVD around a specific issue that is prominent in my mind at the time. Krishnamurti has covered any enquiry I have ever had. I go for a few walks to the Grove and in the surrounding countryside. I always enjoy the delicious meals either with company or quietly by myself. I leave feeling refreshed in mind, body and soul.

Maurice Sprunglistraste, Switzerland

I feel a specific silence here. A beautiful space that is otherwise unknown or extremely difficult to find in other communal spaces. It is a special place that I am able to explore myself and take in other’s space as well. Space is rare in the western world, the ability to explore personal space, space in nature and space within your surroundings. It is a wonderful that this is special to the Krishnamurti Centre. Beautiful!

Rosa Tomas, Spain

The architecture, the trees and the Centre are all so beautifully kept. I feel at peace when I am here, each visit brings a new experience. It is such a sacred feeling and a sacred place. When I am here with the Spanish group, the Foundation always facilitates our every need. Whether it be helping pick out certain materials for discussions, allocating quiet spaces and places, we always feel welcome and well taken care of. It is a special family of people that come and go. You always know once you have stayed you have a home in Brockwood.

Rex Shrout, USA

Two things appeared quite important to my four week stay at the Centre. The first is leaving behind my normal physical surroundings, material possessions, work, entertainment, escapes, etc. The second thing is the atmosphere of the Centre. Physically the architecture, the balance of space, the comfortable furnishings of the guest rooms and wonderfully prepared vegetarian meals, create a very conducive atmosphere for studying the works of K and engaging with friends in dialogue. One must also mention the Centre staff who themselves are mostly involved in studying K’s teachings who work quietly and efficiently in a friendly and welcoming manner to allow the guest’s explorations to flower. I deeply thank the Centre and those involved for a quite eye-opening stay.

John King, Australia/UK

When Krishnamurti first informed us there was going to be a Centre for adults interested in the Teachings - in addition to the School - I was aware that I reacted very negatively.  So much for 'reaction', considering the number of times I have been a guest at the Centre over the years since; and even a couple of times as a Guest Helper.  I don't think I can adequately express in words the 'Centre experience'.  Simply the fact alone of coming to the Centre all these years for the unique quiet of the place, the staff, and all the books, videos and other guests from all over the world, and the wonderful environment inside and outside, perhaps speaks for itself?

Stephen Smith, UK

My relationship with the Krishnamurti Centre, Brockwood Park, goes back to 14 April 1986, when we first broke ground to mark the start of the new building. In August of the same year we each laid a brick in the wall of what is now the entrance to the building. In some sense, therefore, you could say that my adult life as a student of the teachings began there; hitherto, there had only been the school. I frequently took time out to come here and be quiet. This quietness, space and silence are what I treasure most and I return here again and again. Though the Centre now offers Workshops, Theme Weekends and Study Intensives, in all of which I am actively engaged, it is the atmosphere of the place that keeps me coming back. Literally, there is nowhere quite like it.

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