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The Krishnamurti Centre

Bedroom at the Krisnamurti Centre

Terms & Conditions

Policies and Agreements


The Krishnamurti Centre is a retreat centre with the clear intention of providing a quiet and orderly space for people to visit and have the opportunity for reflection and self-inquiry. The Centre exists to allow for the study of the teachings of J. Krishnamurti and guests are welcome to visit for the day or to reside for an agreed length of time. The Centre has full discretion to accept or deny bookings from guests and the Centre has the duty to inform guests of our policies, as outlined here.

Guest Conduct

Guests are requested to respect at all times the atmosphere of the Centre maintaining its quietness and order. Centre staff will endeavour to make all guests feel welcome and be attentive and sensitive to their needs, but guests must be prepared to follow staff instructions regarding the use of the Centre facilities.

In the case of inappropriate or disruptive behaviour at the Centre and/or towards other guests, the Centre reserves the right to request a guest to vacate his/her room and leave the premises immediately. Depending on the severity of the guest behaviour the Centre may have to take further action in order to ensure that the disruption ends as soon as possible and is not repeated.

The use of mobile phones and other electronic devices should take place only in the guests’ rooms or in the area of the car park where signal coverage is available. This does not apply to the Centre IPod and IPad used for study purposes, or to the computer designated for use by guests.

Guests may take pictures of the Centre and the grounds but these cannot be used for commercial or public purposes without the prior permission of the Centre Coordinator.

Guests staying at the Centre are responsible for their belongings during the whole duration of their stay. Guests are encouraged to lock their room and to take responsibility for the key, returning it to the duty staff on the day of their departure.


In the event that there is loss or damage to property caused by a guest this person will be held responsible. All furnishings, fittings and equipment at the Centre were chosen with care in order to provide the special ambience of the Centre. If a guest finds something that is not working properly, or is broken, we ask that you report it as soon as possible to any member of staff.


All vehicles parked in the Centre car park and on the grounds of the Centre are the responsibility of the guest owner/operator.

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