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The Krishnamurti Centre

Krisnamurti Centre

"if you assert and I assert, if you stick to your opinion, to your dogma, to your knowledge, and I stick to mine, then there can be no real discussion, because neither of us is free to inquire. To discuss is not to share our experiences with each other. There is no sharing at all: there is only the beauty of truth, which neither you nor I can possess. It is simply there."

J. Krishnamurti

Young Adults Retreat - Learning about oneself

Friday, 24th April 2020 - Sunday, 26th April 2020

This retreat is an invitation to a young people interested in exploring relevant topics together. Dialogue is one of activities that supports this inquiry and self-reflection. During the weekend we will try to unveil what it means to learn about oneself, in what way human beings are similar, and how our shared humanity can enable our understanding of each other.

Contact us for more information on this event.

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