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The Krishnamurti Centre

Krisnamurti Centre

"if you assert and I assert, if you stick to your opinion, to your dogma, to your knowledge, and I stick to mine, then there can be no real discussion, because neither of us is free to inquire. To discuss is not to share our experiences with each other. There is no sharing at all: there is only the beauty of truth, which neither you nor I can possess. It is simply there."

J. Krishnamurti

Please note: The Centre is closed from January 2nd, and will reopen on February 8th.
We are still processing enquiries and bookings while the Centre is closed. Place a booking online.

Events & Activities at the Krishnamurti Centre

The Krishnamurti Centre is open for individual retreats all year round, except during the month of January. For individual retreats the minimum stay at the Centre is two nights and we suggest a maximum stay of two weeks. We also welcome day guests.

Our usual events are made up of the following:

Theme Weekends & Study Retreats

Theme Weekends and Study Retreats are for those who would like to enquire in an atmosphere of openness with like-minded friends. These events are for those who are acquainted with the teachings as well as for those who are new to them. We also have one-day "Introductions to Krishnamurti's Teachings".

The Theme Weekends are from Friday to Sunday while the Study Retreats are from Friday to Wednesday. Both events start on Friday at lunchtime followed by a first general meeting at 3.00 pm. This is followed by a video or audiotape of Krishnamurti's talks or discussions. On Saturday and Sunday (and in the case of the Study Retreat until Wednesday) similar tape meetings are arranged followed by dialogues among the participants. Such dialogues are usually found to be helpful in deepening one's understanding of day to day issues in our lives. The programme ends after lunch on the last day.

Introduction Days

The programme for the Introduction Days includes: a visual presentation of Krishnamurti's life and teachings, an introductory video tape, lunch at the Centre, a visit to Brockwood Park School, an open dialogue and a final tea. With this initiative we hope to encourage more people to learn about J. Krishnamurti and to come to visit Brockwood Park.

An Introduction to Dialogue

Krishnamurti spoke often about how to have dialogues. This extract may be useful to familiarise yourself to some extent with Krishnamurti's approach to dialogue. Dialogues at the Krishnamurti Centre do not follow a fixed format but we attempt to meet the subject in a way that involves everyone, and where nobody holds any particular authority over the way the enquiry unfolds.

View the full calendar of events at the Krishnamurti Centre.

Our next events...

For event queries and bookings, please write to events@krishnamurticentre.org.uk.

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